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Benefits of Training your Staff

"What's worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them."
Zig Ziglar, Success Speaker.

Studies on corporate bottom lines show that companies reap many benefits from investing in training for employees. Training improves employee performance….in quality, quantity, speed, safety, problem solving, attitude, ethics, motivation, leadership, and communication.

According to Ferdinand Fournies, performance problems occur because employees

Targeted training is one solution to all three factors.

Training enhances company profits. Training ups revenue, increased referrals, new product ideas, and improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Training saves labor….by reducing duplication of effort, time spent on problem solving, and time spent on correcting mistakes.

A better skilled workforce means fewer machine breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, lower staff turnover, lower recruitment costs, fewer bad debts, fewer customer support calls, fewer help desk calls, less need for supervision, reduced downtime, and increased worker productivity.

Training improves a company's competitive edge. Worker's productivity is increased when they are trained.

Training saves supervisory and administrative time and costs. The less time and money a manager has to spend on monitoring and guiding employees, the more time is freed up for more profitable activities.

Training improves customer and employee satisfaction. Better-quality work means better-quality products and services . . . resulting in happier customers.

Career development is the No. 1 factor in employee retention.