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The Open Group Architecture Framework

Training Overview

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework - a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing enterprise architecture. It may be used freely by any organization wishing to develop enterprise architecture for use within that organization.

TOGAF was created and is maintained by The Open Group, an independent industry association. It builds on an earlier framework known as TAFIM, or Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management, originally devised by the U.S. Defense Dept. In early 2009, The Open Group released TOGAF version 9. The Open Group and others commonly lead TOGAF certification and educational programs today. Typically, enterprise architects lead the use of TOGAF within organizations.

The Open Group Architecture Framework, or TOGAF, is intended to provide a structured approach for organizations seeking to organize and govern their implementation of technology, particularly software technology. In that sense, its objective is to employ an encompassing conceptual framework to try to ensure that software development projects meet business objectives, that they are systematic and that their results are repeatable.

Learning Objectives

The course enables participants to:

1. Understanding the structure of TOGAF document

2. How does my organization benefit from using TOGAF

3. Importance of framework for enterprise architecture

4. Understanding architecture and business processes

5. Understanding IT system and enterprise architecture.

Course Content

⇒ The basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF

⇒ The ADM guidelines and techniques

⇒ How Architecture Governance contributes to the Architecture Development Cycle

⇒ How an enterprise architecture can be partitioned to meet the specific needs of an organization

Course Duration:

Four (4) Days

Cost of Training

Training Fees: N150, 000 per participant (This covers the training materials, lunch, Certificate of Attendance, and post training support).
(The training fee is exclusive of the 5% VAT and the withholding Tax)