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Requirement Documentation for Software Developers Training

I am pleased to express my opinion about the training session for CBAP held in Lagos in April 2012 and are grateful to OS Concepts for giving me a practical touch to the study of Business Analysis. The passion and mastery of different aspects of the subject exhibited by the facilitator has exposed practitioners like me to salient opportunities where I can add value to the business. Exchange of ideas from participants from different backgrounds and industries made the class memorable with capacity forge a strong network of professionals. I could not ask for more.
Ndubuisi Ojimadu - Manager, Financial Systems, Etisalat Nigeria

Every year the global business community wastes billions of dollars on entirely preventable failures in the software acquisition process. One of the most common failure modes is embarking on a software project without an adequate statement of requirements. This training covers the essential practices for the orderly transformation of an end-user problem into a complete, correct, unambiguous, implementable and verifiable software product specification. These practices apply to acquiring both bespoke and off-the-shelf software. The scope of the workshop includes requirements capture, analysis, specification and management. The workshop focuses on the practical skills required to deploy the software that your business needs.

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Training Objectives

The main objective of the training is for the participants to gain practical skills to:
» Understand the process of capturing stakeholders' requirements.
» Work effectively with subject matter experts to discover the essential requirements of computing systems.
» Elicit requirements.
» Apply requirements elicitation and presentation techniques to support the formulation of ideas.
» Software Assessment and Validation Methodology using Business Case

1. Requirements Engineering Fundamentals
» What is a requirement?
» Types of requirements
» Non requirements
» Derived requirements
» Separating requirements from design

2. Justifying Requirements Capture
» "The Horror" – disasters through bad requirements
» Five good reasons to get requirements right
» The role of requirements in project risk management

3. The Requirements Capture Process
» Integrating requirements capture with the overall project development process
» Eliciting requirements
» Analyzing requirements
» Specifying requirements
» Validating requirements
» Managing requirements

4. Eliciting requirements
» Identifying people and other resources that can be a source of requirements
» Identifying product vision and project scope
» Conducting interviews
» Conducting requirements workshops
» Requirements workshop elicitation techniques
» Developing use cases
» Using prototypes to discover requirements

5. Analyzing requirements
» Analysis Objectives
» Modeling software requirements
» Selecting the correct model
» Requirements patterns
» Requirements triage - prioritizing and scrubbing

6. Specifying Requirements
» Formatting a software requirements specification document
» Five rules of effective writing
» Describing functions, data and external interfaces
» Specifying system attributes - reliability, availability, security, maintainability
» Specifying system performance
» Recording the rationales behind statements of requirement
» Quality factors; evaluating a software requirements specification

7. Managing Requirements
» Identifying requirements
» Filtering and sorting requirements
» Managing changes to requirements
» Tracing requirements
» Storing requirements in a repository

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Requirement Documentation for Software Developers

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Business Analysts, Project Managers, Consultants, Developers, IT Professionals and anyone who wants to increase his/her ability to effective document requirements for software development.