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I am pleased to express my opinion about the training session for CBAP held in Lagos in April 2012 and are grateful to OS Concepts for giving me a practical touch to the study of Business Analysis. The passion and mastery of different aspects of the subject exhibited by the facilitator has exposed practitioners like me to salient opportunities where I can add value to the business. Exchange of ideas from participants from different backgrounds and industries made the class memorable with capacity forge a strong network of professionals. I could not ask for more.
Ndubuisi Ojimadu - Manager, Financial Systems, Etisalat Nigeria

In this course, students will learn how to understand the fundamentals of managing and bringing about positive change within a business environment. Many projects fails not because of wrong implementation but because of many stakeholders will naturally resist change. The proper handling of stakeholders will increase the likelihood of a project succeeding, whether in a large or small organization. This training will help participants to manage people side of a change by introducing them to time proven and world class change management methodology and approach.

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Training Objectives

The main objective of the training is for the participants to gain practical skills to:
» To learn how to be systematic and orderly in the handling of projects.
» To understand the new concept of Project Management created by PMI and apply same to get better results in their work.
» To learn how to be able to get more done while spending less.
» To prepare participants for the international certification exam.

1. Fundamentals of change management
» Basics of change management
» Understanding levels of change
» Identifying misconceptions about change
» Importance of change
» Understanding the benefits of change
» Identifying essential areas of change
» Leading change
» Promoting successful change
» Understanding resilience

2. Change process
» Steps of a change process
» Analyze a situation
» Understanding the aspects of change
» Choose an action
» Implement the action
» Creating a sense of urgency
» Motivating employees
» Preventing failure
» Monitor the progress

3. Obstacles to change
» Resistance
» Resisting change
» Understanding negative reactions
» Easing the tension
» Complacency
» Identifying causes of complacency
» Crisis
» Reacting to a crisis
» Preparing for a crisis

4. Managing change
» Creativity
» Encouraging creativity
» Commitment
» Developing commitment
» Communication
» Communicating during a change
» Demonstrating support by listening
» Controlling the grapevine

5. Adapting to change
» Truths and misconceptions
» Identifying truths and misconceptions
» Understanding the transition process
» Factors affecting response
» Understanding response styles
» The endings phase
» Understanding the endings phase
» Managing the endings phase

6. Coping with uncertainty
» The exploration phase
» Understanding the exploration phase
» Understanding responses
» Understanding needs
» Management of the exploration phase
» Managing uncertainty

7. Moving forward
» The new beginnings phase
» Understanding the new beginnings phase
» Understanding needs
» Management of the new beginnings phase
» Understanding communication guidelines

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Change Management

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Who is this course for?
Change Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Consultants, Developers, IT Professionals and anyone who wants to increase his/her ability to effective manage the people’s side of a change.